We take great pride knowing that our outdoor and adventure gear is created using durable materials and high-quality hardware. If a BlackWolf product has a defects due to workmanship, we promise to resolve it.

While we stand by the durability of all our products and they are made from high-quality materials, it is important that they are used correctly in various outdoor environments and for their intended purpose. It is important to always be aware of the different surroundings before setting up or using any BlackWolf gear. Always remember that sticks, rocks or any sharp objects have the potential to cause damage, and unfortunately this is not something cover under BlackWolf Warranty.

If you take care of your BlackWolf gear, it will look after you - no matter what the adventure. Here’s some tips to best care for your new BlackWolf products.

This is a list of reasons that are not covered under BlackWolf Warranty: damage by misuse or abuse (e.g. over-packing a hiking pack beyond the capacity, standing on furniture), general wear and tear, condensation or damage caused by mould, extreme weather, unauthorised repairs, loss, theft or misplacement, not following product instructions correctly, accidents, incorrect setup, damage caused by insects, animals or children, broken poles not as a direct result of failed workmanship, damage caused by jammed or snagged zippers or damage caused by excessive force used on zippers.

BlackWolf Warranty covers the original owner only and is not transferrable. This means if you purchase a second-hand BlackWolf product, the original warranty will be not be inherited.

You can make a warranty claim on our by contacting us with an image(s) of what's occurring and your proof of purchase/receipt. You can contact us here.